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Saudi Arabia

ESPAC Dammam Office

2833 St.49th (St.67th X St.166th), 2nd Industrial city
Dammam 34324-7333 , Saudi Arabia

Tel +966 13 863 1111
Fax +966 13 863 2222
Mobile +966 55 840 3000
Email : info@espac.com

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Sales Team

Mr. Mahmoud Roshdy

Sales Supervisor

Email: m.roshdy@espac.com

Mobile: +966 54 606 0651

Eng. Ammar Al-Buhaysi

Sales Engineer

Email: a.albuhaysi@espac.com

Mobile: +966 59 011 9436

Mr. Mohammed Alaam

Sales Executive

Email: m.alaam@espac.com

Mobile: +966 59 327 7714

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Company Details

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1 What are the raw materials used for AAC?

Raw materials are sand, lime, cement, aluminum powder and water.

2 Does AAC components include any insulating materials?

No. The method of manufacturing of AAC through the expansion of volume of the concrete mix is ​​what prevents the heat crossing through thousands of air bubbles

3  What is the ratio of savings in electricity?

The savings in air-condition capacity can reach up to 70% and this is applicable on the electricity bill as well.

4 Can I hang heavy objects on AAC walls?

Special screws and fishers shall be used with AAC material. ESPAC provides screws that can bear weights starting from 25 kg up to 160 kg per screw according to the usage needed and are provided by ESPAC at cost prices and also available in the local market.

5 Is aerated concrete a soundproof material?

AAC insulates sounds by 7 dB stronger than a normal walls

6 Is AAC material fire rated?

Yes. Aerated concrete has a high resistance to fire up to 6.4 hours

7 Is aerated concrete affected by moisture?

AAC material needs waterproofing in high-water areas intensely like bathrooms and kitchens and rooftops

8 What is the life span of AAC structures?

AAC structures are existing in Europe and other countries for more than 75 years

9 What finishes can be applied on AAC material?

All kinds of finishes can be applied like internal and external pigment, marble, stone, marble ships or others.


1  Does ESPAC involve in Installation or material supply only?

We have a list of “Certified Contractors” who are highly experienced in the construction of ESPAC building systems. Please check the list on our website.

2  Does Espac accept new contractors?

Yes. We are interested in acquiring new contractors in all regions of the Kingdom. Espac will make sure to give them the proper training until they are certified. Please visit our website and become our certified contractor.

3 Does ESPAC give supervision on its projects?

Yes. We and through our Engineering Division that includes civil engineers, supervisors and experienced masons who are sent to projects to supervisor the work done by the contractor and gives him the proper training and advice if it is needed.

4 Does ESPAC provide the proper tools for the contractor?

Yes. ESPAC has all necessary tools and can be provided to contractors on buying basis, rental basis or on consignment basis against a certain guarantee.

5  Does ESPAC involve in the finishing works for its projects?

No. We do involve directly in finishing works but ESPAC Engineering Division will give the proper advice to contractors on all MEP and finishing to be used and supervise its proper implementation on site.

6 Are ESPAC systems approved by governmental entities and ministry of electricity?

Yes. ESPAC systems are approved by many governmental entities and ministry of electricity and have successfully completed projects for Ministry of Higher Educataion, Nation Guard, Modon, Royal commission of jubail and Yanbu and others.


1  What are ESPAC building systems?

ESPAC has 10 building systems. Please refer to our website.

2  Is Architectural modification or wall removal possible after construction?

Yes. A wall can be removed if walls are none load bearing. In case of load bearing walls, you have to get the advice and technical method of wall removal or opening by ESPAC Engineering division.

3 How is mechanical and electrical chasing done?

A chasing machine is required to do all chasings in walls without any wall breaking. All such tools are available in ESPAC at cost price and can be procured in the local market. Please check our tools section in the website.

4  Does ESPAC provide a guarantee on its structures?

Yes. We provide 10 years guarantee on our material and the structural design.

5  Since how long is ESPAC factory operating?

ESPAC factory started production in May 2012 and has become the market leader in AAC material supply and engineering solutions provider.

6 What is the maximum height in ESPAC structures?

In case of load bearing walls, we can go up to 20 meters height or 5 floors.
In case of high rise buildings, we provide partition panels for internal and exterior walls that are light weight, fast in erection, less labor intensive and does not require plastering.

7  What is the erection time for 1 villa using Panel Full System?

We can erect 1 villa in 10 days for the superstructure.

8 What is the cost of m2 Built Up area?

In case of panel Full System, cost will be around SR 650 per m2 Built up Area varies according to the location and drawing.

In case of Block Full system, cost will be around SR 500 per m2 Built up Area varies according to the location and drawing.

Prices in both above cases include concrete foundation works plus all superstructure works excluding MEP and finishing.


For any other questions please call our sales and engineering team at +966 55 840 3000

Become A Certified Contractor

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