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Panel Full System

Panel Full System is the best solution for a high thermally insulated precast structure. It is a load bearing wall system where no columns are needed except in very rare cases for the stair case or as a support for some steel beams. Panels Full system is a half way between the conventional columns and beams construction method which is eventually slow and labor intensive and between the conventional concrete Precast system which is fast but high in cost with less thermal insulation. Our modular pieces of 60 cm makes our production process fast since these pieces are considered applicable on any design as well as speed in the construction site.

Products Applied:

  • PAC Panels
  • PAC Roof and floor slabs
  • PAC Lintels
  • Steel beams ( in some cases )
  • RC Columns ( in some cases)


  • Economical Speed in production and delivery
  • Fast installation process
  • High thermally insulated structure
  • High sound insulation
  • Fire rating 6 hours
  • Less labor intensive
  • No plastering required
  • Suitable for remote areas
  • Reduces foundation costs
  • Reduces foundation costs

Applicable for:

  • Buildings up to 20 meters height
  • Villa projects
  • Schools

Method Statement

Here you can download the method statement which provides a detailed step by step guide on how the installation of the Panel Full System should be completed.

Connection Details

For a detailed diagram showing the connection details for the Panel Full System download the PDF here.

  • Juman Village

    Project Name :Juman Village

    Client :56 Villas - Azizia Khobar

    Consultant :Al Hamdan Consulting Engineers

    Contractor :Maaster Construction L.L.C

  • Rawda Building

    Project Name :Rawda Residential Building

    Client :Al Balagha Holding

    Consultant :Riyadh - KSA

    Contractor :Al Woroud Contracting


    Project Name :84 Factories Project in 2nd Industrial City Dammam.

    Client :MODON.

    Consultant :Worly.

    Contractor :Gulf Builder trading and contracting co.


    Project Name :Nesaj Town 2 MOH Project in Dammam.

    Client :Retal Real Estate Development CO.

    Consultant :Ahmed al Mousa Engineering Consulting

    Contractor :Building Construction Company.

  • Madinah Project

    Project Name :Al Woroud Project in Madinah.

    Client :Al Woroud Real Estate Investments Co .

    Consultant :

    Contractor :Al Woroud Real Estate Investments Co