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Architectural Design

Below are some architectural guidelines all architects shall take into considerations while adopting our panel full system load bearing system.

For further details please communicate with our engineering division.

  • 1. Vertical wall panels, floor, roof slabs panels and lintels combine to form complete precast system as load bearing structure buildings.
  • 2. The maximum span of A.A.C panels is 6m which means clear span dimensions between the load bearing walls should not exceed 5.80m.
  • 3. We will use a steel or concrete beam to support the slabs if the clear span is more than 5.80m.
  • 4. Direct support of wall panel on floor slabs is not allowed without steel or concrete beams support but 10 cm to be thickness non-bearing partition wall can be directly placed taking into account its land property.
  • 5. We prefer 3 meters story heights to get full mold utilization by cutting 6 meters mold into half. Other heights are also possible.
  • 6. Try to design according to 600 mm modules for zone dimensions or for windows openings. Which means multiple of 1000mm for sizes of rooms and windows in plan.
  • 7. Non modular windows openings width also can be formed with cut panels preferably 300 mm width as additional to standard multiple of 600mm.
  • 8. Doors are generally made to required size but we prefer door height to be 2400 mm in height to fit a 600 mm height horizontal panel and reach a total of 3,000mm room height.
  • 9. A.C units are normally 700 mm. We advise to specify 600mm width Window AC to avoid cutting in wall panels.
  • 10. Exhaust fan ducts are best centered on wall panel joints.
  • 11. Is preferred to be 600 mm for both sides but minimum and supports.250 to 300mm can also be used us.