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Partition Mini Panels

Partition mini panels system is the one of the best solutions for high rise buildings where speed is needed to complete all interior walls (10 cm or 15 cm) and exterior walls (20cm or 25 cm or 30 cm) in conjunction with the completion of post tension slabs usually 2 to 3 weeks for each floor, Moreover there is no need to use crane for installation.
Mini panels walls have a fair face wall so no need to apply any plastering - Only 3 mm coat is required for painting. 

Products Applied:

  • PAC Mini Panels
  • PAC Lintels


  • Economical
  • Speed in Production and Delivery
  • Fast installation Process
  • High thermally insulated structure
  • High sound insulation
  • Fire rating 6 hours
  • Less labour intensive than conventional concrete structure
  • No plastering required(Depends on quality of masons work)
  • Suitable for remote areas
  • Reduces foundation cost

Applicable for:

  • Buildings up to 20 meter hight
  • Individual Villas
  • Schools

Method Statement

Here you can download the method statement which provides a detailed step by step guide on how the installation of the Partition Mini Panels should be completed.

Connection Details

For a detailed diagram showing the connection details for the Partition Mini Panels download the PDF here.


    Project Name :King Faisal Air Academy Project in Majmaah.

    Client :Royal Saudi Air Force.

    Consultant :Dar Al Riyadh

    Contractor :NAS JV


    Project Name :Bouvardia City MOH Project in Jeddah

    Client :Afrina co. For Construction & Urban Development.

    Consultant :

    Contractor :Al Bashayer Modern Co.ltd