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Rib Hordi

ESPAC Precast Rib-Hordi roof system is a pre-fabricated structure for floors and roofs which is made from pre-cast Reinforced concrete ribs, PAC Hordi blocks, cross ribs and concrete topping for classic construction. The design is intended primarily for houses, low rise and civil building. The static calculation for Rib-Hordi roof system will determine the size of Ribs, concrete grade, reinforcement requirement and the concrete topping.

Products Applied:

  • PAC Hordi Blocks
  • Lattice girder beams
  • Cross ribs
  • Concrete topping


  • Economical
  • Fast installation process
  • Less labor intensive than conventional concrete structures
  • No crane needed
  • No shuttering needed

Applicable for:

  • Villa extensions structures in remote areas

Method Statement

Here you can download the method statement which provides a detailed step by step guide on how the installation of the Rib Hordi should be completed.

Connection Details

For a detailed diagram showing the connection details for the Rib Hordi download the PDF here.

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